Sanicil 100

An Effective non chlorine disinfectant

Sanicil 100 FGS is a general purpose, Liquid
disinfectant for emergency treatment of
water intended for human consumption

Sanizorb 400

A bodily fluid absorbent

For use in food service areas as well as cabins,walkways,aircraft and anywhere containment of gastro intestinal fluid is paramount.

Sanisoak 700

Catering Tool Sanitiser

A specialist QAC based disinfection fluid for sanitizing tools and equipment by immersion.

Sanicide 200

Airspace disinfectant for A/C systems

Specially formulated for use in fogging or misting sprays. Extremely effective against air-borne bacteria

Sani-ice 500

Non-Chlorine Based Ice Machine Disinfectant

Specially formulated so no need to rinse or dry and no residue taste.


Sanitabs 900

Multi purpose Low cost Chlorine Tablet

An easy to use tablet, with accurate control of final chlorine concentration. The resultant can be used for surface disinfection, as well as fruit and vegetable washing

Sanishower 300

Budget Priced Descaler for Water fittings

Very effective descaler for water systems & equipment.  Anywhere intermittent use may allow bacterium to proliferate.

Sanispray 600

A Non-Chlorine Cleaner/Disinfectant 

Ideal for food service and preparation areas capable of surface cleaning and sanitizing.  Passing the European Standard Test Methods.

Sanivir 1000

A Norovirus "fogging" Disinfectant 

A powerful biocide and the anti-microbial properties of the product make it ideal for the control of Norwalk virus

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