food Hygiene and preparation areas

Food Hygiene

Fundamental to safe operation, good hygiene is at the heart of any food business. Land & Marine offer a variety of services in this vital area of operation.

• Hygiene Audits
• Food Storage & Control
• Cleaning Science and Management
• Microbiological Analysis
• Food Poisoning & Contamination
• HACCP Analysis


Potable Water

Water is essential for all human and natural life. It is therefore vital that all water supplies, whether from public or private sources, are protected from contamination during storage and use.

• System Assessment
• Operation Strategies
• Disinfection Equipment
• Microbiological Testing
• Cleaning and Disinfection
• Legionella Risk Assessment & Test

sani range

Clean, sanitize and disnifection

A range of specialist cleaning and disinfection chemicals developed by our laboratories in response to our clients demands are available from LME and their appointed agents.

• Highly Effective
• Economical
• Simple & Safe to Use
• Formulated to Clients Requests


Our certified instructors can provide your organisation with the nationally recognised certification course, but also bespoke courses to suit your requirements .
Our qualified trainers use slides, videotapes and demonstrations to augment lectures and classroom discussions. Hands-on task-oriented sanitation training can also be provided for your galley officers and crew

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Legionella Testing

Spread by inhalation of infected water droplets, Legionnaires disease is caused by a bacterium found in water systems. It is believed that the disease is totally preventable if the correct control measures are applied.

• Risk Assessments

• Control & Prevention

• Routine Testing

Gastro-Intestinal Outbreaks

Food poisoning and Norovirus infections are the scourge of the leisure industry. Immediate control and containment of any outbreak is paramount and Land & Marine Environmental can provide the following:

• On-site training, outbreak control management rapid response  team.
• Advice and use of appropriate treatment chemicals and equipment.
• Supervision of a ‘deep clean’ team post infections.
• Post outbreak investigations.
• On site sampling and analysis.

We can also design hybrid courses incorporating some or all of the above.

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