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Sanitab 900 HR-0


Sanitabs 900 can be used in any application where Sodium Hypochlorite is employed. They are readily stored in a screw top container and offer an immediate source of chlorine for treatment processes and hygiene in food applications. They can also be used for emergency disinfection of spas, swimming pools and drinking water.

Why Sanitabs !

Chlorine remains one of the most cost-effective disinfectants in the catering industry. A common method of producing high strength working solutions is by dilution of concentrated chlorine solutions
(typically Sodium Hypochlorite) from bulk supply. An alternative method of achieving working solutions of the required strength is to use a tablet form of chlorine/host chemical. Sanitab 900 chlorine tablets have been manufactured to provide both ease of use together with accurate control of final chlorine concentration. The resultant solution can be used for surface disinfection as well as fruit and vegetable washing.

Volume of Water       Chlorine Strength
0.1 litre                              10,000 ppm
1 litre                                   1,000 ppm
5 litre                                      200 ppm
10 litre                                     100 ppm
200 litre                                       5 ppm
1000 litre                                     1 ppm
Therefore to obtain a 1000 ppm solution in 5 litres of water requires 5 tablet addition.

Typical User Strength
Process vegetable washing          30 ppm
Glassware                                              100 ppm
Food and preparation surfaces 200 ppm
Food processing equipment       200 ppm
Drains, WC pans, etc.                      400 ppm
General disinfection                      1000 ppm
Blood spillages                             10000 ppm

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