Test Kits and Equipment

A wide range of test instruments for air and water parameters together with a variety of products for microbiological and bacteria testing.


Commercial Hygiene Services

Our highly qualified and certified inspection team provide full on site environmental and hygiene audits.




Land & Marine offer on site training courses for varying levels of qualification in food catering, water quality measurement and control.

Sani range of products & Kits

A cost effective range of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection products that covers a diverse range of applications.


Water Quality Instrumentation

pHOENIX Instrumentation ltd, manufacture and supply a wide range of equipment for the monitoring and control of many water quality parameters. This includes the measurement of pH, Chlorine, Flow, Conductivity, Turbidity, Temperature, Ammonia, Dissolved Oxygen and many other determinands. Instruments and sensors can be supplied as discrete items or in a complete custom built engineered system to suit the relevant application.

In addition to supply, we provide installation and commissioning of the aforementioned monitoring equipment together with complete service support from our in-house and external service teams.

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Find out more about our water quality monitors and custom engineered systems.


Why Choose Land & Marine?

Committed to establishing and maintaining healthy leisure facilities. Many years of experience in Hotels, Restaurants, Food Processing Plants, aboard Cruise Ships and within the Water Supply Industry has formed our belief that, anticipating, and thereby preventing problems, is always preferable to having to find a solution later. We have proved that prevention is always less expensive than a cure.

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