Why choose sani-ice

Sani-ice is the perfect solution for any equipment such as commercial ice cream makers, ice or coffee machines, that need disinfecting, but with no downtime.
The benefits of disinfection using Sani-ice 500 compared with a chlorine solution are:

  1. Sani-ice 500 has a residual or lasting biocide effect, remaining active on the surfaces of the machine for several days after application.
  2. Because Sani-ice 500 has no smell of taste residual, the machine can be returned to use immediately on completion of the cleaning and disinfection cycle without the need to perform a final rinse and dry.
  3. Any scoop stored within the body of the machine can be spot treated with sprayed Sani-ice 500 without the need to either close down the machine or remove the scoop for treatment.


Sani-ice 500 is supplied as a concentrate in 500ml or 5 litre containers. 500ml will provide 150 litres of usable Sani-ice 500 solution.