Food Thermometers

LME have a wide range of spearpoint insertion thermometers with digital or analogue display. Most spearpoint thermometers are dual range Centigrade or Fahrenheit covering the range -50 to +150°C
and supplied with a protective sheath with pocket clip.


We offer a selection of analogue dial or digital thermometers for use in refrigerators, cold stores or deep freezers with or without alarm contacts.
Ranges: -30°C to +40°C

Infra red

LME have a wide range of infra red non contact LCD thermometers for rapid checking of frozen,stored and cooked foods. There are also combination units incorporating ‘foldaway insertion thermometers.
Measuring Ranges: -60°C to + 500°C or 33°C to + 250°C


A robust dishwasher/glassware thermometer fitted into an armoured cage, spirit filled and designed for total immersion.
Temperature Range: -5°C +105°C or 20°F +220°F