Dipslides provide a simple and easy to use alternative to the plate count technique for assessing microbial contamination. The dipslide unit consists of agar plates upon a sampling paddle which is permanently attached to the cap for ease of handling during use. Our unique hinged design improves access to angled surfaces. They are self-contained units which can be taken to the test point instead of taking samples back to the laboratory. The test slides can be incubated in our range of mini-incubators.

  • A4CRC -Pseudomonas/Coliforms/
    Application - Surface hygiene, water testing
  • AOWWE - TVC/Coliforms
    Application - Hand testing, pre and post washing
  • A1APX - Moulds/Aerobic bacteria
    Application - Testing air quality

Microslides are supplied in boxes of 10 individual slides with identification labels, instructions and comparator chart to identify and quantify results.

Mini uv source

To detect the presence of E coli in the liquid Colilert test it is necessary to irradiate the sample with uV. The hand held mini uV source offers a low cost source for this test.

Coliform testing

The Colilert 18 or 24 hr test provides a highly sensitive (1 cfu per 100 ml) method of detecting Coliforms* and E coli** in potable water,ice swimming pools and spas.

Colilert is sold in packs of 10 or 100 tests which includes 100 ml sterile, thio treated bottles. A comparator is supplied free with 100 tests.

* Incubator required ** Incubator + uV source required

Sample bags

Sterile sample collection bags with exclusive integral wire closure and freestanding capability when filled,these bags provide the ideal method to collect samples on site for later examination and testing. They are particularly useful for collecting ice melt samples. Each bag has a perforated “tear off” strip to prevent pre-contamination and is fitted with openers to allow easy asceptic access to the bag interior. With a write on-panel for sample and date recording. 500 ml bags supplied in packs of 50


Both dip slide and chromogenic agar test methods require incubating at 35°C + 2°C for 24-48 hours. The portable Challenger incubator is an ideal tool for small quantity incubation accommodating up to 25 microslides or 12 x 100ml chromogenic agar tests.

legionella sampling kit

When it is necessary for clients to conduct their own legionella sampling programme, LME provide a kit complete with 20 uV sterilised and thio treated bottles, sterile wipes, protective gloves and full instructions. Legionella samples can be sent to LME for a rapid, economical analysis.

Sample bottles

A range of sterile thio treated sample bottles for the collection of water samples for laboratory analysis. They are provided with leakproof tamper-evident caps for safe transportation.
Bottles available 100,250 & 500ml

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