Our on board inspections are carried out by highly qualified staff who will report to most international standards, eg, WPH, EU Shipsan.

We conduct on site sampling and analysis in all areas: air, water, food and leisure activities, providing  a full report and certification at the end of each visit. Critical analysis is conducted in a UKAS certified laboratory.

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Prevention is better than cure

Routine inspections and testing in food storage and preparation areas will help to eliminate the possibility of GI out breaks.


Training and Development

With the appropriate knowledge employees can help to prevent infectious diseases and GI outbreaks.

LME can provide training in all aspects of water treatment and food catering.  We offer a variety of programmes that are conducted on site. For further details please contact one of our team.

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inspection and advice areas;

  • Acute gastrointestinal illness surveillance (medical)
  • Recreational water facilities
  • Potable water systems including backflow prevention and protection against legionella.
  • Food safety
  • Integrated pest management
  • Housekeeping
  • Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, fountains, misting systems, humidifiers and showers
  • Child activity centres including baby changing facilities
  • Outbreak prevention planning
  • Outbreak resolution services